My introduction

I was born in a typical indian middle class family. Now I’m 20 years old and am. I’m an average guy with average marks in school and college . for most of kids born in India they have only two options either BTech/medicine. After lot of suggestions from neighbours and society finally I took BTech got seat in a reputed college in India . After studying for 3yrs with a couple of backlogs I’ve learnt no skills, no knowledge that could help me to live (get a job). Everything in my life is going in opposite direction of what my parents wanted it to be. From my childhood I’ve been naughtiest and laziest kid of my parents got tired of hearing complaints from teachers. The only thing that I like in my self is I’m over confident and I want to achieve something in life. In search of finding new things I’ve started writing this blog . I think this is one of the dumbest introduction